Galaxy Note 7 Now Available for Purchase after recall

In the middle of March rumors floated around Samsung users that the Galaxy Note 7 users are reporting issues with the battery, Samsung’s official statement on the recall says that the issue relates to the battery cells used in some Note 7s, which lines up with the earlier reports of phones catching fire and exploding. Low-quality battery cells are susceptible to overheating and failing when charged and used heavily. An official Samsung Statement said “Samsung recommends that you power down your Galaxy Note7 and return it to your place of purchase to arrange a remedy of your choice.

Once you have turned off your device you should not charge the Note7.”

However, now when the world has been rid with exploding phones and the problems has been and the Galaxy Note7’s global replacement program well underway, Samsung Electronics has announced that new Galaxy Note7 devices will soon be available for purchase in markets across the globe. Sales of the new Galaxy Note7 commenced on October 1 in Korea, and will follow suit in markets worldwide in the coming weeks.

On September 30, the eve of the resumption of Galaxy Note7 sales, Samsung opened Galaxy Note7 experience zones in a number of locations across Korea. The experience zones allowed people to enjoy the device’s best-in-class productivity, security and entertainment features, and attracted large crowds of consumers eager to get their hands on the Galaxy Note7.

“Along with the several other experience zones showcasing Samsung’s latest product, guests have crowded our Galaxy Note7 experience zone since this morning,” said Junghyun Kim, Manager of the Seoul-based Samsung D’light shop. “We found that many people are excited to check out the iris scanner, the new S Pen features, such as S Translator, and the camera,” he continued. “Many existing Galaxy Note7 users have already visited and exchanged their phones for a new Galaxy Note7 or other Galaxy device, and more and more people are inquiring about purchasing the Galaxy Note7.”

As Galaxy Note7’s sales resumed, Samsung opened Galaxy Note7 experience zones in several locations in Korea on September 30.

To help users enjoy their Galaxy Note7 with complete confidence, Samsung has implemented three specific software changes affecting the battery indication. The new Galaxy Note7 features a green battery icon that’s visible on the Status Bar, the Always On Display screen and the Power Off prompt screen—accessed by long-pressing the power key. Additionally, users can easily verify that they’re using the latest Galaxy Note7 by looking for a square symbol on the label of the phone’s packaging.

The Galaxy Note7 was designed to help users do more than they may have thought possible with a smartphone, featuring a 5.7-inch curved QHD Super AMOLED display perfect for both productivity and entertainment, as well as the ever-versatile S Pen, which is much more than just a writing tool. The phone’s iris-scanning technology, backed by Samsung’s defense-grade Knox platform, introduces a new standard in mobile security, while IP68 water resistance affords users more freedom to utilize their phone’s innovative features.

Customer safety remains Samsung’s highest priority. As the company introduces new Galaxy Note7 devices to the market, Samsung continues to strongly encourage all Galaxy Note7 users who have not yet participated in the exchange program to immediately do so by contacting their place of purchase or calling a designated local call center as soon as possible.

So what exactly is new in the Galaxy note 7

1, The Galaxy Note7 has a new battery, so you can be sure it is ready to charge and use. And for easy identification, it displays a new green battery icon on the status bar found on the top right hand of the screen. We regret any inconvenience and thank you for your cooperation.

2, Write, draw and edit. The S Pen can translate text, take scrolling screen shots, and even create GIFs.

3, Keep your stuff secure. With a new iris scanner, the Note7 has more options to protect your contacts, emails, contracts, and other documents.

4, The Note7 now has an IP68 water resistant rating, so you can do more talking, texting and picture taking without worrying about splashes or spills. Just wipe it off and keep going.

5, Take the best pictures. With Pro Mode, a faster autofocus, and a lens that lets in 95% more light than the Note5, the Note7’s camera takes sharp photos and videos when you’re on the move and in low light.

6, Hold onto more pictures, presentations, songs and apps. With a microSD card, you can expand your storage up to 256GB. Just pop it in.


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